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Easily Scale & Unify Your Content with Topics

The riskiest decision you can make in technology is committing to one platform. In a world where promising content management systems get absorbed by global purveyors, and most startups fail to achieve their product roadmap, designing your infrastructure around any... More

How to Build an Editorial Content Calendar

One of the hardest parts of running a blog, whether for business or pleasure, is maintaining a steady flow of content. We’re all busy, and not all of our organizations have a dedicated publishing division. That means creating content for... More

Nine Invaluable Resources for Bloggers

Blogging is easy. Blogging well is very, very hard! At Movable Type, we try to make creating and publishing content as simple as possible for our users. But our software can only take you so far. When it comes to... More

A Beginner's Guide to Information Architecture

When people think about the work that goes into building a website, they often think of the design, the content, the development, and the backend. But there’s an important step that must be completed before any of that can happen:... More

The Case Against Innovation

The biggest tech news of 2014 has to have been the launch of the iPhone 6. Apple’s biggest and most powerful smart phone to date broke ground at a globally-streamed event in September to universally mixed reactions. Some were tantalized... More

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