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Six Apart Promotes Senior Leaders in North America and Asia Pacific

We are thrilled to announce that Six Apart has recently promoted two of its most senior managers, Robert Minton and Jim Koga, from Vice President to Executive Vice President positions. These promotions mark the formation of a new global management... More

Should You Allow Comments on Your Company Blog?

Ten years ago, the idea of turning off blog comments would have been met with shock and disbelief. After all, aren’t comments one of the main pillars of a great blog? But today, more and more prominent blogs and bloggers... More

The Five Most Aggravating CMS Quirks

At its best, a Content Management System is an invisible entity. It gives you the means to create, publish, and share terrific content. At its worst, a CMS can serve as a frustrating roadblock between you and your audience. You... More

Why Everyone Should Have a Blog or Website

Every day, we’re amazed at the growing capabilities of modern websites and the people that push technology to its limits -- whether it’s Amazon, which processes millions of ecommerce transactions on a daily basis, or Facebook, which connects people from... More

Seven Tips to Help Non-Writers Create Great Content

You are not a writer. Yet you’ve just been assigned to write your company’s About page, a blog post, a description of your organization’s services, or some other page on your business’s website. Step one? Don’t panic! You may not... More

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