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Using Movable Type to Publish Content Inside a Business Application

Movable Type may be the most flexible web-based content management system available today, and there is no greater evidence of this than a whitepaper that Deane Barker of Blend Interactive wrote recently. Deane explains in Managing Content in the Transactional... More

Launch of Movable Type Enterprise for Version 6

Movable Type, the pioneer web publishing platform developed by Six Apart, announced the release of Movable Type Enterprise Version 6. Movable Type Enterprise combines the unique features of our most powerful and versitile CMS offering: Unlimited Servers Throught an Enterprise... More

Six Apart Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

On December 2, the new Six Apart, which began life as Six Apart Japan, Six Apart K.K., or SAKK, celebrates its tenth anniversary. In December 2003, Six Apart Japan was launched as a subsidiary of the original Six Apart, Limited.... More

Movable Type Launches MT6

Movable Type, the pioneer publishing platform developed by Six Apart, today announced the launch of its latest version, MT6, which is now available in North America and Japan. The version’s debut marks the next phase of the “Movable Type Creating... More

Movable Type API - a Closer Look at What MT6 Has to Offer

The Movable Type Data API is a series of programmatic interfaces which permit both the management of Movable Type CMS functions and the display of published content from Movable Type 6-based sites. This would allow members of the development... More

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