Please Read Before Downloading

By Mena

First, let me clarify that we've never made any claims of superiority over any other weblogging software.

We've never claimed to be the best.

We've never presented MOVABLE TYPE as the program that will revolutionize weblogging.

We're just developing a system with a lot of the features that we've heard users are looking for.

Luckily, we've received a lot of good word of mouth. People are hoping that MT will be THE program and THE solution.

With expectations like that, I'm sure users are bound to be let down. And of course, whenever something receives too much good press, the inevitable criticism just gets louder and uglier.

MT is a work in progress. Please remember this.

We're just two people -- a husband and wife team -- who started this as a fun project to make my own weblog easier to maintain.

We're releasing it today so that it will grow to be an even better product. We could have waited until a later day -- perhaps catch even more bugs that pop up now again.

There will be bugs. Wrinkles need to be ironed out. We never thought we'd get as big as we did before the release.

I know you're supposed to distance yourself from your product. We will make every attempt to do so. The fear of failure is just so much higher when you feel like your peak of praise came long before your product was ever released.

Onto the positive, then.

We are proud of what we've developed. The About page covers all the features that we've incorporated into this release. Especially exciting is the ability to create multiple blogs and entry categorization.

We've already received a lot of requests for multiple categorizations. Don't worry, we've heard you.

So enjoy.

(Oh, and thanks Dad)