Movable Type 3.01D bug fix release


We've just released Movable Type 3.01D. You can download the new version by logging into your Movable Type Account and using the "download" link for the appropriate license. If you're upgrading from 3.0D, there's no need to run any upgrade script for this release: just upload the files to your server and you should be ready to go!

This release fixes a number of bugs that were present in 3.0D. The lot of it boils down to this:

  • Comment preview is no longer dropped (see below for instructions)
  • Default templates now have valid HTML in a few places where they didn't before.
  • Lots of bugs fixed with export and import, and the primary category of an entry is included with an export.
  • QuickPost on the right-click menu no longer complains.
  • Adding TypeKey comments is easier, with MTRemoteSignIn and MTRemoteSignOut (see below).
  • Numerous other bug fixes.
To take advantage of some of these fixes with an existing blog, you'll have to update your templates.

In your comment preview template, change <MTCommentFields> to <MTCommentFields preview="1">. This way the comment fields will know to include your preview text.

TypeKey sign-in is now easier to integrate with your custom templates. Just use <$MTRemoteSignInLink$> as the target of the "sign in" link, and use <$MTRemoteSignOutLink$> as the target of the "sign out" link. If you're doing this on a static template page (like the individual archive), you probably want to add the static="1" argument, so that commenters will land on the same page after they've signed in.

Once you've done that, add this line to your mt.cfg:

TypeKeyVersion 1.1
This adds additional security, but it won't work unless you're using MTRemoteSignInLink.

As always, let us know if you have any problems! Enjoy.