Blogging the Movies at Sundance

By Anil Dash

Reuters has published a look at the presence of bloggers at Sundance, the popular independent film festival held each year in Park City, Utah.

The article states, “As befits its indie roots, the Sundance Film Festival has long played host to innovations that have spread elsewhere”, and many of the blogs mentioned do a great job of demonstrating that potential. Prominently mentioned is indieWIRE’s extensive family of blogs, all powered by Movable Type 3.2.

And indieWire’s blog index also links out to other prominent bloggers in the film community, many of which are also publishing their own takes on Sundance. There’s GreenCine’s GreenCine Daily, The Hot Blog from Movie City News, and Hollywood Elsewhere. Each of these sites shows how professional-level bloggers can strengthen the reach of their work not just by taking advantage of Movable Type’s features, but also by linking to each other and forming a community that raises everyone’s profile.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, the film industry has been making good use of blogs for some time, resulting in some well-documented direct benefits. And the benefits of blogging aren’t just for independent film — these days most major studio releases (such as Rent or the upcoming Rocky Balboa movie) are accompanied by offical blogs, a trend well-documented by blogs like Movie Marketing Update.

Of course, whether you’re a filmmaker or just a film fan, it’s easy to get started with Movable Type and participate in the movie blog community yourself.