Kevin Shay: Master of Movable Type *and* the printing press


We’ve talked a bit about how remarkable the Movable Type community is, but it’s not just the work that our community does with blogs that makes them special. Take Kevin Shay — he’s a long time expert-level plugin developer, responsible for such cool stuff as BigPAPI, the innovative plugin framework which brought Greasemonkey-style UI plugins to Movable Type, which were later incorporated into the platform itself as Transformer plugins.

The End of the World As I Know It But Perl isn’t Kevin’s strongest language: English is. We’re happy to bring you a conversation between Jesse Thorn, host of The Sound of Young America, and the other Kevin Shay, Professional Network star, Movable Type user, and author of the recently released The End as I Know It. Kevin’s book, set in 1999, is a brilliantly observed, hysterical, and ultimately moving look at a man who’s both terrified of, and invigorated by, the pre-millennial hysteria about the Y2K bug.

Take a couple minutes and find out why, as happy as we are about the plugins Kevin’s created, we’re just as proud to have such a talented author as part of our community.

Use the player above or download the conversation and listen at your convenience.