Announcing Movable Type 3.35

By Byrne Reese

Late last week we released Movable Type 3.35 and Movable Type Enterprise 1.53. The impetus for this release was a XSS vulnerability that was found in our comment preview code. The vulnerability affects only a small number of people, but we felt it important to address the issue as soon as we could. And since we were turning on the release machines we went ahead and tackled a couple of other bug fixes and introduced a new feature as well.

The new feature is a dramatically improved installation process. Now, when new users install Movable Type and access it for the first time, the Movable Type Setup Wizard will help them configure the platform on their web server. It asks them a few questions and then takes care of the rest. It makes installing Movable Type downright tolerable!

Coincidentally, we recently made big changes to how you download Movable Type as well. Now users seeking the personal and free edition of Movable Type no longer have to hunt for the link, or create an account in TypeKey to download the software. Just click the big button that says "Download Movable Type."

These two recent changes are relatively minor from a technical stand point, but we think they will have a huge impact for new users and people seeking an upgrade - because when combined they have made Movable Type easier to download and install then ever before.