The Office: Creed Thoughts

By Anil Dash

Ok, here’s a fun little blog mention that we’d been meaning to post after last week’s season finale episode of The Office. If you watch the NBC show, you’ll be familiar with the dark-hearted fan-favorite character Creed Bratton. In the finale, it’s revealed that Ryan had helped Creed set up a “blog”.

Of course (spoilers!) the blog itself turned out to just be an address at the top of a Word document.\creedthoughts wouldn’t have worked very well as a web address anyway.

one-stanley-nickel.jpg But good news! Because NBC has a number of Movable Type Enterprise blogs for all their shows, they made quick work of setting up a real blog for Creed Thoughts. The show’s on hiatus for the summer now, of course, but there have already been some updates since the finale, sowe’re hoping the real Creed Bratton will keep blogging again once the show’s back in the fall. The idea has our inner Kelly Kapoor so excited!

(And don’t worry, Schrute fans, Dwight’s got a blog, too. Only he doesn’t like the word “blog”.)