Presenting Movable Type 4.0

By Anil Dash

Welcome to the all-new, redesigned to proudly present our all-new platform: Movable Type 4.0.

MT4 Pointer

This is the biggest release of MT ever, a complete redesign of both the front end information architecture and the back end scaling infrastructure. The dozens of new features have been inspired by the outpouring of community support have helped inform our efforts: MT4 reflects what all of us have learned about how blogs work and where blogs are going.

Movable Type 4 has an incredibly broad set of new capabilities, but here’s an overview to whet your appetite:

  • A completely redesigned user interface. The first time you log in to MT4, you’ll be greeted with a graphical display of blog activity, a customizable dashboard, and even more powerful ways to manage an unlimited number of blogs all in one place.
  • Vastly more powerful publishing abilities. There’s new support for standalone pages in addition to your blog entries, much more robust templating including warning messages if your templates contain errors, and smarter archiving with the ability to create archives per-author or category archives paged by month.
  • Better plugins, with many built in. Many of the most popular plugins from our community have been folded into the MT4 core, and dozens more plugins are either upgraded for or brand-new to MT4. The things you want to do with your site, from tagging to podcasting to managing your media and files doesn’t require you to install or configure any complicated plugins.
  • Even more MT-only innovations. Cutting-edge identity technologies like OpenID are built right in, and nicely complement MT’s built-in user registration. And MT’s powerful permissions system is complemented by a robust set of fully-customizable permissions, so you can choose exactly what each member is allowed to do.
  • Unique features. MT4 keeps the tradition of doing things that you can only find in Movable Type: powerful support for an unlimited number of blogs, with the ability to aggregate content from one, some, or all of your blogs in a single page. And the ability to add on solutions to your core MT install to enable Enterprise integration or advanced Community features.
  • The best documentation in the business. MT4’s documentation has been rewritten from the ground up to focus on the tasks you have at hand. And the Six Apart Guide to Business Blogging is over 75 printed pages of information on how to help your company make the most of blogging.
  • Dozens more features. We’ve got an exhaustive list of just some of the exciting new improvements in MT4. From better typography to the upcoming Open Source release of MT, there’s something for everyone.
  • A reinvigorated community. Hundreds of thousands of you have joined us on the journey through the beta versions of Movable Type, by submitting bugs, downloading test versions of the software, reading up on the new features and documentation or by trying out demos. And the community has helped create the fundamental resources for this new version:, the home for the MT community, the new Movable Type Plugins Directory, and all of the exciting new plugins made specifically for this new version.


So, we invite you to give Movable Type 4.0 a try. Take a look around this site if you’re new to MT4, and take a look at if you’re new to our community. We hope you’ll take a minute to read up on why we made Movable Type 4.0. And above all, let us know what you think, and be sure to show us how you’re using Movable Type to share your great ideas with the world.