Virtually Effortless: The Easiest MT Ever

By Anil Dash

We've long spoken of Movable Type's power and flexibility. But frankly, we haven't talked much about how easy it is to set up Movable Type for your own sites, and that's because it's been harder than we'd like. Despite huge improvements in the setup process, web applications can be just plain complicated, especially since MT supports a ton of different environments. The complexity comes from having to set up the program while also getting all the supporting bits of infrastructure set up perfectly, as well.

So today, we're launching Virtual Movable Type by JumpBox. Because we didn't just want to make it easy to run Movable Type, we wanted to make it easy to run Movable Type right.

What does that mean? Well, we've learned from the best experts in the world and built their knowledge into this new option for the MT community:

  • We partnered with JumpBox, the innovators in creating virtual appliances that work everywhere you'd want to deploy an application, from VMWare to Xen, Parallels to Virtual Iron to Microsoft Virtualization, on Windows and Linux and Mac OS. The JumpBox folks make it possible to put Virtual Movable Type anywhere you want to test, develop, or deploy it, and they provide a simple setup experience to get you running quickly.
  • Six Apart Services contributed mightily to this release, partnering with the core Movable Type team to build in the expertise they've developed from creating, launching, and supporting some of the biggest publishers on the web.
  • Finally, and most importantly, we listened to our Movable Type community. Enterprise admins told us that you're concerned about server utilization and power costs, and that virtualization is a part of nearly every platform strategy going forward. Developers told us you want a simple, reliable standardized configuration to develop and test your work against. And everybody in the whole freaking blogosphere told us you wish you could try out Movable Type with just a few clicks. So now you can!
That's the most important lesson here: You can download Virtual Movable Type and run it on your own laptop or your own server in just a few minutes, using any common virtualization software. If you've got an old Windows server sitting in the corner, get the free VMWare player and grab Virtual MT. Or if you're a Mac user who's got Parallels or VMWare so that you can run Windows applications, that same platform will let you run the new Virtual Movable Type. (JumpBox has a list of all the supported environments.)

Once you've got it running, you answer a few questions, and you get a custom-tailored configuration of Movable Type. It's even tricked out with the features people want to try most, like the Action Streams plugin. And Virtual Movable Type Pro has all the awesome social publishing features that we highlighted at its launch, too.

Virtual Movable Type is available as an option with the same licenses and versions as the regular download of Movable Type, including the open source Virtual Movable Type, the free license of Virtual Movable Type Pro for bloggers, and our standard range of business and enterprise licenses that come complete with professional support. Naturally, we have a complete FAQ to answer all of your questions about VMT. 

In short, we've made it easier than ever to get started with Movable Type, and if you've been using the pain of setup as an excuse to put off giving it a try, you've run out of excuses. Because if you haven't seen Movable Type lately, you just haven't seen Movable Type.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get Virtual Movable Type!