Your Business is a Social Network

By Ginger Tulley

Yesterday, Anil Dash represented Six Apart and the Movable Type team in a two-day Conversational Marketing Summit put on by BrightTalk, a new service that promises really simple webcasting. Anil's talk focused on how your company can think of its business and brand as a social network that, while dispersed all over the web today, could be harnessed in one place: your company's website.

And why not? Rather than monitor conversations about your company that are taking place everywhere else, why not bring those conversations to your site? The aggregated social network can live on your site, without being dependent on a third party. The conversation can take place on your premises, letting you keep control over your brand and your message. And you can make it effortless for your visitors (or members of your social network) to contribute to the conversation.

You can see and hear Anil's presentation here:

We'd love to hear what you think about the ideas in the presentation.