Movable Type 4.23: Get It Now

By Chris Hall

Today we announce the release of Movable Type 4.23. This mandatory security release is recommended for all users (see update advisor below), and fixes a number of bugs in 4.21. Review the change log for full details on all changes in this new version.

Movable Type Update Advisor: Version 4.23

  • Release Type: Security Release. This update fixes a potential vulnerability which has not yet been exploited in the wild.
  • Mandatory? Yes, this is a mandatory security upgrade.
  • Performance Implications: None.
  • Plugins Affected: None. Your current plugins should continue to work as expected.
  • Templates Affected: An update to the profile view template is required for those customers who use the community template sets and user profile feature. 
  • System Requirements: This release has no new or additional system requirements.
  • Licensing considerations: None. MT 4.23 is a free update for users of any version of MT 4.x.
  • Upgrade Fatigue: No further mandatory updates are planned for Movable Type in 2008.

Downloads are available in your account for current customers or through the download page.

[Editor's Note: There was no Movable Type 4.22. It's a long story. But you didn't miss anything, don't worry!]