It's time to get in Motion

By Anil Dash

After months of feedback, testing and improvements from our community, we're proud to announce that Motion for Movable Type is now available. Motion is an exciting new social application that is going to give marketers the ability to control their message across all the different social networks on the web. We first discussed the ideas behind Motion back in December, introduced the Laws of Motion a few days later, and talked about how a brand like Skittles could have improved its web marketing efforts by using Motion.

To understand what Motion's all about, take 3 quick minutes to check out the introductory video we've put together:

Of course, the best way to understand Motion is to see it in action. Check it out on BikeHugger (click on "Latest Activity" to see what they're doing with Action Streams), or see how it powers a microblogging community on Real Estate Channel. Once you've seen what Motion can do, sign up for a free demo and we'll tell you exactly how to get your company in Motion.