What, exactly, do men want?

By Ginger Tulley

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Uncrate menu.jpgWell, judging by the success of Uncrate, "The Buyers Guide for Men", Larry Angell and his crew have nailed the answer to this age-old question. With a readership of over 600,000 visitors per month, 72% of whom are male, Uncrate serves up a living catalog every day of extremely cool things that men, well,  want.  The very social website, built entirely in Movable Type, provides visitors with a profile and a place - called Stuff - to save the items they like and want to follow up on. It also provides a place - called Answers - where visitors can exchange tips and advice with each other on such topics as grooming, style, and other important manly subjects.
Have a look at our case study to see how Uncrate has grown and prospered on Movable Type since its start in 2005. You may come closer to understanding yourself what it is that men want.