Six Apart Likes Facebook's Open Graph

By Ginger Tulley

Facebook’s announcement on the Open Graph at the F8
conference caused quite a stir yesterday.
Mark Zuckerber described this as a technology that pulls together all the different social networks to create a web "that is smarter, more social, more personalized and more semantically aware"

Like Six Apart, Facebook realize the role of networks and connections in the discovery of new things. As more and more content pours onto the web our ability to efficiently navigate it becomes increasingly important. Facebook’s assertion is that you are going to be more interested in the things your friends, and others you are connected to, are interested in. We think they are bang on.

Blogging is a great networking tool that allows you to build a community around your passion, hobby or business, but why isolate that community and your content? We’ve been building features to help customers drive community and link it into social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Yesterday Facebook made this a whole lot easier. Six Apart's focus on community and social media resulted in Facebook selecting TypePad as an official launch partner for this announcement. Today we released Facebook “Like” to members of our beta team for testing and feedback. We have already seen some great integrations
as well as a ton of positive feedback on the Everything TypePad blog.

facebook-like-screenshot.pngThis move by Facebook brings endless possibilities. We'd love to get your thoughts on how you think it will impact blogging.