Movable Type 5.02

By Jun Kaneko

Movable Type 5.02 was released by Six Apart today. This is strictly a bugfix release without new features. It contains fixes for a number of issues including one security vulnerability. It is highly recommended that all users of Movable Type 5.x upgrade their installations, especially the ones with multiple users.

Details about the issues that were fixed can be found in the release notes.

You may note that the release notes are unusually long this time: the focus of this release was on fixing as many bugs and issues as possible before working on new features for the coming releases (we will tell you more about these soon). We would like to thank everybody in the Movable Type community who submitted bug reports, feature requests and other feedback. Your efforts have made this release possible!


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Installation/upgrade instructions

Note: if you purchased a Movable Type license you can also purchase our installation or upgrade service and have all the work done by our excellent support team.

Found a bug? Need a feature?

  1. To avoid duplication of efforts, search existing bugs or feature requests (from the feedback page) before submitting a new bug.
  2. Head over to the bug report/feature request form and let us know!