Movable Type will Continue Evolving !

By Jun Kaneko

After the recent announcement about Six Apart, some of you might have been wondering about the future of Movable Type. We can be very clear about that: of course we will continue development and support of this platform that now has a decade of history behind it.

  • Movable Type 4 remains rock-solid blogging software for all uses.
  • Movable Type 5 is a new step up for managing multiple sites.
  • Melody is driven by the most enthusiastic community of bleeding-edge developers.

All this software shares the same root: Movable Type, the publishing platform.

Movable Type 5.1 is in the final development phase, we are anticipating a Beta release early this winter. We are also planning another 4.x release to keep this mature branch up to date.

All these developments are open to the public. You can check our daily activities on FogBugz and in our code repositories. And just like every open source project, we appreciate your help to make Movable Type (even) Better !